Introducing Blue Apron Meals

by Lauren

 It isn't very often that a service is simply so awesome, that I want to share it with the world. However, this most definitely applies to food delivery service, Blue Apron Meals. After receiving an amazing offer from my friends at #Foodiechats to try Blue Apron out for free, I was able to learn firsthand what makes this company so special. I quickly went online and filled out all of my dietary preferences, and voil√†: Blue Apron created a unique menu based on my likes and dislikes!  They also succeeded in making my tummy rumble with emails detailing the contents of my upcoming box (fresh gnocchi with lemon brown butter....umm, yes please!) Read on for my Blue Apron Meals experience. 

The great thing about Blue Apron is that you can prepare a fresh, gourmet meal without a trip to the grocery store. This is not only very convenient, but is a huge time saver. When I opened my box, I couldn't believe how much they had packed into it! Blue Apron prides themselves on their ability to deliver top-notch, locally grown ingredients, and it shows! All the ingredients were packaged perfectly to ensure freshness, and were portioned out specifically for each recipe.  To make things super simple, they provide recipe cards to explain what to do with all those amazing ingredients. Not only did the recipes look delicious, they were explained with step-by-step instructions that didn't even scare a cooking amateur like me. My only dilemma: what to cook first? 

I decided on the Crispy Chopped Salad with Creamy Buttermilk Dressing. 

After chopping up all the veggies (lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, lemon, chives) and boiling the green beans, I was able to make my very own creamy buttermilk ranch dressing! I created the dressing using buttermilk, chives, lemon, olive oil,  garlic paste and mayo. 

Finally, the finished product, which just so happened to be extremely tasty. :) 

For my next Blue Apron Meal, I made the Fresh Gnocchi and Baby Zucchini with Crispy Squash Blossoms & Lemon Brown Butter. You better believe I felt like quite the gourmand as I attempted to cook a squash blossom (I admit, I had zero clue what that was). Turns out, squash blossoms are pretty delicious, and also easy to prepare if you have Blue Apron guiding you. Here's what the process looked like. 

Yum...what's not to love about warm and cheesy gnocchi!?

Yum...what's not to love about warm and cheesy gnocchi!?

As you can see, Blue Apron made sure to remember every last detail, even including a tiny container of butter! The gnocchi turned out wonderfully, and I have a new found appreciation for squash blossoms.

If all of this has made you hungry, don't worry, we won't leave you hanging. Blue Apron was kind enough to provide S&S readers with a special discount to receive 20$ off your first order. Simply visit the following link, fill out your dietary preferences and address, and enjoy all the goodness that is Blue Apron Meals! 

Please let us know if you decide to claim your discount! We want to hear about your experience, as well as the tasty recipes you get to try!

We hope you love Blue Apron as much as we do!