What's Good for the Soul

by Lauren

Happy Friday everyone :) 

Today on S&S I want to take a break from fashion and food to talk about something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  A couple days ago you may have seen me post a quote on our Instagram. I don't post quotes or sayings often, so when I do, there's usually a reason behind it. 

As you may know, I graduated from college about a month ago. After graduation, I left the hustle and bustle of Chicago to return to my slow paced life back home in Virginia. While the southern, small town life isn't always the most thrilling, it has been a joy spending the past few weeks with those I love most. When I'm here and away from all the distractions that city life brings, I quickly shift into the calmer, more easy-going version of myself. Life just feels lighter. Evenings spent cooking with my mom, lunches with old friends, and time spent enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery are just a few of the things that I cherish whenever I do make my way home.

 You see, what I'm realizing is that once in a while it's important for me to get back to my roots and spend time with those who love me the most. It's in the quiet moments, when I give in to the natural rhythms of life, that my eyes are opened to all of life's many blessings.

"Whatever is good for the soul...do that."

Doing what is good for my soul often times means stepping away from the chaos of life, to better appreciate the simple things, and to fall in love with them all over again. For me, this often includes curling up with a good book, trying out new recipes, or reminiscing with high school friends. It is in the stillness that I am reminded of who I am and where I'm going, even if I haven't quite made it there yet. It's when I step back that I realize how thankful I am for this life of mine: the good, the bad, and the beautiful. It is in these moments that I am reminded of the people who stand by my side, the ones who always remind me of these things, when I seem to forget. 

So, I encourage all you lovely readers to stop. Stop for a moment, breathe, and just soak it all up. Be fully present. Because sometimes we just gotta do what's good for our souls. Whatever that may be.