#NYFW & Your Closet

by Lauren

Oh the weather outside is frightful (at least here in Chicago), but the fashion is SO delightful. In fact, it is the perfect weather to curl up on the couch, tune in to style.com and watch playbacks of all the best moments of one of fashion's biggest weeks of the year. Yes, we are talking about New York Fashion Week.  We know we weren't the only ones gawking at the gorgeousness surrounding this event. Blogger babes and style icons like Susie Bubble,  Chiara Ferragni, Eva Chen, and Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller) were far too kind to give us front row seats as well via their social media accounts! So, here is our roundup of some of our favorite shows from this year's NYFW, and  a few ways that you can begin to incorporate some of these trends into your wardrobe, using items you probably already own! 


Tory Burch 

Often referred to as "preppy-bohemian luxe", this Tory Burch collection was filled with metallics, patterns, and thigh high stockings and we loved every single look. We think the collection, while very ornate, can easily be translated to real life in a few easy ways. 

First, let's talk about those thigh-highs. They have the awesome ability to function doubly as protection from the cold, while also creating subtle sexiness for those cold winter months. We love the idea of a tweed or leather mini, some thigh high stockings and a cozy oversized sweater. What could be better? 


Style Tip: 

The best way to achieve this delicately balanced mix of bohemian and prep is with a little pattern play. Pairing your tried and true separates in new ways will help you to look like you are fresh off the runway. Take a simple bubble skirt, add a sheer patterned blouse, and layer with a sweater  in a similar color. To complete the look, accessorize with some metallic sunnies or statement bag( and don't forget those socks!) Mixing contrasting patterns may scare you a bit at first, but we find it's much easier when they are kept within the same color family.


 A little sassy and a little sweet, what's not to love about this DKNY collection? We totally admire how they took classic pieces, such as that hounds-tooth jacket, and turned them into more modern, trendy (oversized) masterpieces. Talk about inspiration. Oh, and did we mention the hats? In short, this line's got swag. 


Style Tip:

Though this collection may intimidate you with the harsh oversized pieces and deep bold colors, you can easily dominate any of these looks, AND on a budget! All of these outfits are simple pieces that you most likely have in your closet, and just forgot about. All you need is a black turtleneck, pencil skirt, oversized jacket (and/or vest), and that black baseball cap, or snapback, you thought was for an off hair-day. So get in there, search those hangers and find your DKNY-alike fabulosity! 

Ralph Lauren 

This collection is very much the classic RL we know and love, while also being extremely luxurious and elegant. The subtle, yet statement-making color palette of creams, grays, and pastels is gorgeous, feminine, and one of Sugar's personal favorites from NYFW. In addition, the fresh-faced makeup looks and sleek updos further emphasize the sophistication of these pieces. How can you not feel capable of conquering the world, in the most ladylike fashion, while donning this monochromatic ensemble (beret included)?


Style Tip: 

Adding a little Ralph Lauren luxe to your look couldn't be easier. While you most likely don't have oodles of silks, cashmeres, and exotic furs lying around to pile on your body, never fear! You can easily achieve these ohh la la ladylike looks by channelling the monochromatic color palette seen throughout the collection. Pair winter white jeans with a cream turtleneck, oversized mens' blazer and a statement hat and you will be looking just as stunning as Miss Karlie Kloss herself. 

Michael Kors 

Oh MK, how you never fail to please us. This designer brought us a collection that was one of a kind this year, and boy did it stand out! Wilderness chic is how we would label these fall looks. Complete with thick sweaters, bleak colors, and fabulous fur, this line brought the outfits to weather any Chicago winter while still looking fashionable!

Michael-Kors-Fall-2014-Collection-NYFW-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6) (1).jpg
Michael-Kors-Fall-2014-Collection-NYFW-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9).jpg

Style Tip: 

Now, we realize that you probably don't have mink scarves or jackets made out of...whatever kind of animal that may be. It's true, most of us don't. That, however, shouldn't stop you from being able to layer up like this and still look as classy as ever. If you don't already have a faux-fur vest or scarf, our advice is to invest in one. It will be worth your while (and wear), and they aren't terribly expensive if you shop in the right place. Option one- Pair that special fur piece with a turtle neck, longer skirt, belt and tall boots. Option two- Pair it with a high necked shift dress and chunky heels or booties. These styles may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in our opinion, they will definitely send you into the wild, in the chicest of ways. 

Annnd now for the grand "fry-nale".....

Just for good measure, (and also because our inner french fry fiend’s dreams have come true) here is the one, the only McDonald's fry ensemble by Moschino. A perfectly ironic and irreverent tribute to pop culture. 

What did you think of NYFW? Let us know how you plan to incorporate these awesome looks into your wardrobe this year!