3 Cures for the Common Valentine's Day

by Lauren

Are we the only ones who feel like Valentine's Day is just like the common cold? It comes every year, makes you feel icky (especially if you eat too much comfort candy), and it leaves you feeling all alone. Well, this year that's going to change and we're not going to let the guys dictate how our night plays out! Come on ladies, we are totally capable of fighting those V-Day induced blues and the all too common (not to mention fattening) sugar coma. What do these love doctors suggest, you ask? Below you will find our solutions to Cupid's pesky V-Day probs...

Symptom: Bloating or otherwise just feeling fat due to eating your emotions

Doctors' Orders: Instead of caving into your sweet tooth (and your emotions) with mountains of cheap mysteriously filled chocolate candies and boxes of Franzia, we suggest you gather up your gal pals and head to the Cheeky + Equinox Riding Solo Event this Thursday at 6:30 pm. After crushing those classes, head home to whip up a healthy meal and don't be afraid to indulge in a few extra calories in the form of vino (you've earned it!). 

Symptom: Envy due to excessive flower and jewelry postings on Instagram by friends, co-workers, etc.

Doctors' Orders: Let's face it ladies, if he hasn't asked you yet, he's probably not going to, and that means you're not getting that Hermes bag you've been eyeing (or even a cheesy teddy bear). Well, all the more reason to put that credit card to good use by purchasing gifts for the most important person in your life right now: YOU! Check out Chriselle Lim's "Chic List" for some gift inspiration that will leave you feeling pretty in pink. As for us, we have our sights set on some hot new pumps (like these Blonde Salad x Steve Madden stunners)! 


Symptom: Puffy eyes and an empty box of Puffs 

Doctors' Orders: Save the sappy movie on the couch for another time, and this year plan for a night out on the town! There are tons of pre and V-Day events going on throughout the city and trust us, there are still plenty of eligible bachelors that are just waiting to run into you in your new Jimmy Choo's. Here are a couple of options to point you in the right direction (and possibly even towards your perfect match!):

Now that you have been cured of the sickness of love, get ready for your best Valentine's Day yet! Whether you're with your man, your girls or just your pretty self, we think there's always something to celebrate! If you see us out and about, be sure to holla at ya girls!