Get Your Guac(amole) On!

by Lauren

If you have been following our Instagram for the past few months, you may have noticed that we have a bit of a guacamole obsession. Therefore, today holds a very special place in our hearts. Just in case you've been hiding under a rock, we're here to tell you that it's National Guacamole Day! (Oh yeah, and Mexican Independence Day!)  Without further ado, we give you the best of Chi city's green goodness. Get ready to "guac n' roll"!

1. The Most Creative- Xoco

At this awesome Rick Bayless spot, let your inner chef shine as you create your very own guacamole. With tasty ingredients like bacon, poblano chiles, pepitas, sun dried tomatoes, grilled onions, and more, you will have more than enough flavor options to make your very own "signature" guac. If you guessed Spice had a field day with this one you'd be right!  


2. The Most Unique- Mercadito

This spot in River North takes home this prize! We absolutely love this spot and often find ourselves meandering down Kinzie in search of their amazingly unique chips and guac. Our pick is the durazno with grilled peach, pickled jalapeno, and mint. (#nom) 



3. The Most UnexpectedPublic House

Okay, we know that when you think Mexican, you definitely don't think of Public House , but we are kindly asking you to reconsider. When Spice saw the guacamole on the menu, she took a chance and ordered it. We were so happy that we did! It was full of flavor with just the right balance between chunky and smooth.  


4. The ClassicEl Hefe

So, El Hefe is definitely one of our "go to's" for Margaritas on a hot summers day, but we can never resist pairing them with their ever fabulous classic guacamole. With this dish, you will satisfy your urge for basic chips and guac, but that definitely does not mean it's just average! This guacamole is made so simplistically perfect that it is one of our consistent cravings. 


5. The Most Authentic- Ay Chiwowa

This is one of our favorite places in the city, especially on a Friday night (call us Loco Libre junkies!). However, you may also catch us there on a random Tuesday night (industry night) for their $5 Ay Margaritas and some half priced chips and guac. You can choose between mango guacamole and the traditional, and we must say that the mango is our favorite. We deemed this guacamole "The Most Authentic" because the recipe comes directly from Arturo's (one of the owners) family recipe. It has such perfect texture, flavor and spice that will surely put you into the true Mexican spirit! (Ay Ay!)


6. The Guac with the Best Chips Prior- Taco Joint

Though the guacamole at Taco Joint is pretty fabulous, we think their "chips prior" are most noteworthy. We visited this joint with some of our favorite Chicago bloggers (Shout out to The Naked Canvas, Short is the New Black, Chi Gal Lauren, Sabrina Souffle, Healthy Fit Goddess)  and had our fill of chip and guac deliciousness. You can order from a number of interesting and creative guacamole flavors and each comes with plantain, eggplant and tortilla chips! These chips are not only a bit healthier than your average bowl, but they are also thin, crispy and to die for. 



Now, we realize that we have not been to every restaurant for chips and guac just yet, but we think we are off to a great start. These picks definitely give a good representation of what Chicago has to offer, and we cannot wait to keep checking the different places off our list and experiencing (and craving) some ever tasty chips and guac. So, keep calm and guac on ;)