Re-cap: Spice in Sydney

by Lauren

As I'm sure you all know, I (spice) just spent the last six months studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia. Since I have been totally MIA during this time, I want to give you a little snap shot of what I was doing and what I was fortunate enough to experience. Here are a few pics and a few brief descriptions of what went on down under...

 Sydney is a culture that is very similar to the US and yet so different. It has all the energy and rush of a cosmopolitan society and yet, since it is on the water, it still has the laid back vibes of a beach town. While I was in Australia, I tried to make the most of my time and get the full Australian experience. I attended The Taste of Sydney, Sydney Fashion Weekend, Vivid Light Festival, Future Music Festival, Hillsong Conference participated in the celebration of the famous Mardi Gras Weekend, and went to a cabaret show at Slide. I frequented most of the beaches as well as all of the major tourist attractions (Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Fish Markets, and the Eye). Further, when I wasn't studying, I of course spent much time shopping at all the fantastic Aussie brand names, exploring the beyond delicious restaurants (they have the best coffee I've ever had) and getting to know some pretty great people. Though I truly enjoyed my time in Sydney and would not trade it for the world, its good to be back here in the city that holds a special place in my heart, Chicago. 



P.S. Catch up with us again tomorrow as  Lauren and I give you the scoop on all our recent Chi city adventures!