Top 10 Moments of Girls Season 2

by Lauren

It’s been one crazy ride, as Lena Dunham brought Girls Season 2 to an end on Sunday. This season all of our favorite Brooklynites are going through some major life transitions (Jessa’s marriage and divorce, Shoshanna living with Ray, Marnie trying to find herself post- Charlie, and Hannah getting an e-book deal) This season took on a much more serious tone as the depth of each character was developed. But in perfect Lena fashion, there were definitely tons of hilarious, laugh out loud, I can’t believe this is happening moments. So here are my favorite moments of Season 2.  


1. Hannah Gets a Job. After seeing Hannah struggle through unpaid internships and  sexual harassment at work in season 1, it finally seems like Hannah has scored in the professional department. As she meets with Jaime not Jamie from Jazzhate magazine, she is offered a freelancing position. The wall art and Jaime’s advice make this a best moment.


2. Hannah Invents a Word.  Hannah invents a new word (sexit) and argues with Ray, convinced that she is the first to come up with this word. She combined the words sexy and exit to form sexit, as in someone is making a sexy exit.  I thought this scene was hilarious and quoted it to just about anyone that would listen.

3.  In the season finale, after we’ve watched Marnie flailing as she reached rock bottom, while Charlie is super successful with his new iPhone app turned company, the two finally reconnect. I loved this moment, despite Marnie saying she wanted to have Charlie’s brown babies one day, which was cringe inducing.  It was great to see them finally admit their feelings to each other, and I couldn’t help but smile.


4. In the first couple episodes, Elijah( Hannah’s gay ex-boyfriend from college) moves in as her new roommate and Marnie replacement. Pretty much every interaction between these two is priceless, from the writing on the wall and their crazy night clubbing, to the snuggie scene. I just love these two together. “But also I can deal with your judgment, because I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer… ever since I cut my camp shirt into a halter top” – Hannah Horvath 

5.  One of the strangest but in my opinion best episodes of the season was "One Man's Trash" guest starring Patrick Wilson as Joshua.  During Hannah’s weekend hiatus from her normal life, she reached a very vulnerable place with Josh and really opened up to him. While I wanted to slap her and tell her not to spill her guts like that, I thought her speech to Josh defined her character and her journey of self discovery.

6. There are no words. 

7.  My second favorite moment of the season has to be the very last scene of the finale. Saying that the relationship between Hannah and Adam is bizarre is a total understatement, but they both seem to be the exact same type of weird, which is the glue that holds them together.  Hannah had been on a downward spiral for the last few episodes with her e-book deal going sour, and her OCD back in full swing.  Adam showed her he cared, and stepped in to save the day and remind her that he’d been there for her all along.


8. The Shosh/Ray “I love you scene”. This was so honest, real, and heartwarming. I love love love them together.

9.  Shosh grew up in Season 2…well a little bit. Here are some of the best Shoshanna sayings from this season. 

10. The #1 best moment, for me, came in “It’s A Shame About Ray”. Jessa’s marriage is over and after a very sad fight with Thomas John, she comes to seek solace in Hannah.  Hannah instantly lifts Jessa’s spirits, as Wonderwall plays in the background. ( What is more perfect than that song??) To me, this scene represents all the things I love about the show, and strong female friendships we know will help us weather any storm.

Last but definitely not least...the boys of GIRLS. is it just me or did Charlie become extremely hot in the second season??

Until Season 3 GIRLS fans...