Men's Fashion 101

by Lauren

As promised, here is our special feature, and the topic is men’s fashion. Since men’s fashion is not quite our forte, we asked a good friend of ours, the wonderful Kyle Godden to help us out. Kyle was able to explore some of the current trends to give you the low-down on what’s hot right now. We definitely approve of all these looks and would love to see all of Chicago’s gentlemen sporting these styles.



To keep up with the trends of the year, you need to invest in some essential pieces up front, that I can ensure you will carry you through at least a couple seasons. Buy RAW or Selvedge dark denim.  They will become your own custom pair of jeans (as far as fit ) in a matter of days, and they will fade as much as you want depending on how often you wash them. I’m personally a fan of Rogue denim and Gustin jeans which you can find here: &


Belts:  Buy one that will get worn in well and will develop a colored patina. My preference is the Swedish Army Belt. They darken over time and will give you 10 years of wear, or longer. 

Shoes:  I stick with Maine Boat shoes in darker colors. Sockless in the spring and high socks in the transition period. Also look at the takes on classic wingtips, loafers, and desert boots.

Layers: Go with gray and pastels. Fitted well through torso. Layer with darker colors on top.

Jackets: You define your style here. You can go preppy with the nylon-cotton military coat in tan, or go urban with a leather bomber jacket. An overcoat ¾ length is a nice addition too. The styles to look for are the bomber, the motorcycle jacket, and the military fatigue. Pastel colors are the trend this spring, once again simply pair with darker shades for contrast and unique feel.

Viewpoints:  Looks I Like and Why I Like Them. 


Solid pairing of a longer overcoat, fingerless gloves, and darker selvedge denim for the colder months still ahead. Dark cardigan, and layered jean jacket add the edge.


The dual sweaters ( a navy fitted cardigan and a heavier gray one) not only add warmth, but class. Of course, Rogue Raw Denim. Also, the crisp white shirt gives it a preppier look, but a more muted pastel or even darker maroon will give it the urban edge. Just switch the brown for black.

Lighter Fitted Jean Jacket paired with a muted print and dark denim. Easy to class it up with richer, darker colors. Simply add pastels for spring. 

The Colors of Spring. Pastels and New takes on familiar styles. Chambray shirt in the upper tight and moto jacket in lower left. Pastel V neck with patterned blazer in lower left. Buy a light colored chambray shirt, you won’t regret it. 


We hope you've enjoyed this special feature! Special thanks to Kyle for bringing us his great sense of style and tips to ensure you will impress the ladies this year! Have a great week!