by Lauren

This semester I (Spice) am studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. Before I venture into the "outback", however, I  decided to make a pitstop in the fabulous country of Thailand. I  stayed for about a week with my good friend and her family at the JW Marriott Resort in Phuket. We had some amazing adventures and a few days of total relaxation (they were much needed!). Here are some pictures of our vacation and a few descriptions of our experiences. Enjoy! 

We visited the local market to see all the fresh fruits and vegetables, interesting Thai snacks, and of course, the curry. It was busy and full of bizarre sights and smells! 

We signed up for a Thai cooking class at the resort. Chef Yupa, a sweet little old Thai lady, spent a couple of hours teaching us the secret ingredients to some specialty Thai dishes. Before we began cooking, she gave us incense to light and place inside the little house for good luck. We made a duck curry dish with vegetables, shrimp cakes, and a light yet delicious Thai salad. It all turned out very well, full of flavor and spice (my fave)! Chef Yupa gave me a certificate for being organized and gave my friend one for her spicy dishes. 

As mentioned, we stayed at the Marriott Resort in Phuket. It was extremely nice and right on the beach. We tanned out by the pool a couple of days and got massages on the beach by Thai women. We really enjoyed our stay!

A few other random and interesting things we did were feet cleansing by fish (so ticklish!), a muai thai class, and a traditional Thai show called Phantasea (funniest thing I've ever seen). 

Overall, I had a great time in Thailand. It was so relaxing and I got to experience some very interesting things and eat a lot of fresh and delicious food. I definitely hope to return ome day to see more (hopefully next time Sugar will be with me). As I travel on to Hong Kong and Australia, I will continue to do a few posts about those adventures as well. Stay tuned!