by Lauren

If you are searching for a trendy spot with the culinary chops to match, then do we have a great pick for you! We recently tried out a delicious little gem that specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine, and must say, after finishing course after course of creative dishes, this place has become one of our new favorites. This restaurant is located in the Gold Coast next door to fashionable neighbors Ted Baker and SCOOP. Jellyfish adds just the perfect element of chic to Rush Street. Upon entering the restaurant, the dim lighting, great music, and white banquettes drenched in a beautiful blue glow set the mood for a fabulous night. 

Executive Chef Jason Im impressed us with each amazing dish he (personally) delivered. His background in authentic Korean flavors, paired with his experience in French and Japanese cuisine, was definitely a winning combo!


Bang Bang Chicken- togarashi dusted fried chicken, sweet Thai chili sauce, yuzu aoli These reminded us of gourmet chicken nuggets, and were so full of flavor. It's like Chick-fil-a, on steroids. 


Crispy Chili Glazed Chicken- twice fried Amish chicken, sweet Korean chili glaze, grilled pineapple. This dish was to die for! The combo of the tangy chili glaze with the sweet pineapple was too good. 


Shishito Peppers- teriyaki sauce, bonito flakes. These little babies were the perfect thing to whet our appetites. The combination of sweet and salty, drizzled with a bit of lemon created a perfect light starter. 


Spicy Crab Mini Tacos- jumbo lump crab, cilantro, lime, tomato, shallots, chives, candied lemon, jalapeño. 


Sizzling Stone- wagyu zabuton, sweet ponzu, cooked table side on a hot stone. With this display we were able to cook our own pieces of meat to each of our likings. In our opinion, this is interactive food at it's finest!


Spring Rolls-These might be some of the best spring rolls we've ever had (and, trust us, we've had many!) They had the perfect amount of crispness, and when dipped in the "sweet n' sour sauce", they were everything you desire in a spring roll, and more.


Uni shooters- Okay, we don't exactly know what's in these cute little glasses, and quite honestly, we don't even want to. We heard mention of quail egg and some other bizarre ingredients you would never think twice about "shooting" down your throat, but we decided, since we were there (and being treated so well), we were going to get the full experience. We bucked up and took them like pros! (Well, Spice did anyway) 


El Sol- spicy tuna, spicy shrimp, avocado, cilantro, jalapeño, creamy yuzu, red tobiko 

Kiss of Fire- spicy tuna, jalapeno, white tuna, salmon,wasabi tobiko, cucumber, spicy sauce 

Torched Salmon Atlantic- smoked salmon, crispy shrimp, sweet potato, avocado, spicy mayo 

Volcano- scallops, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, hot sauce

All we can say about the rolls is that each of them were fabulous, point blank. 


Ninja Calamari- squid ink tempura, house hot sauce. When these first came out, we were a bit skeptical because they weren't like your typical calamari. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we popped them in our mouths with the house made hot sauce! 


Jellyfish may have indeed saved the best for last during our dinner when they presented us with these two incredible desserts. First we tried the apple empanadas. The flaky cinnamon-sugar shell paired with the tangy apples and orange sorbet was to die for!

We also tried a delicious carrot cake creation with green tea mousse. Even if you don't typically enjoy carrot cake, we know you'll love this unique spin on a classic dessert. 

We loved our visit to Jellyfish and can't wait to come back for round 2! When you go, we dare you to try the Uni Shooters! ;) 


Sugar & Spice