Stepping Into Spring

by Lauren

It is nearing the end of January and if you're like us and live in the Midwest, or another equally frigid place, then you are counting down the days and weeks until spring break. For those without that blissful week, we shed a tear for you and hope that you can plan a weekend getaway to a tropical destination to help you defrost. Although it is difficult to even imagine warmth when it is 1 degree outside, the fashion world is always looking ahead. This is exciting, but also leaves us desperate to break out our shorts and sandals again. We've been watching the runways and paying attention to upcoming trends so let us break down 5 of our favorites and some easy ways to wear them. 

Sugar's Faves: As spring draws nearer I am anticipating rocking some bold patterns. I'm thinking floral blazers and tribal print pants. Also, I am dying to purchase the black Zara sneakers shown in the "Slouchy Chic" collage! Although wearing these in real life would be a total departure from my personal style, I love the edginess and am excited to try them out this Spring. Additionally, a spring/summer must have for me is anything and everything metallic. From blingy bangles to my platinum Michael Kors tote, shiny neutrals are definitely a staple for me! Hang on people, Spring is on its way!

Spice's Faves: I have always been into the "Slouchy Chic" style and am definitely looking forward to pulling out my larger sweaters and some new printed leggings to embrace this look. One of my faves for this Spring's trends is the lace. From lace booties to lace rompers (I adore the one in our set!), I just can't get enough. To make lace more casual yet still fab (as I often like to look), I would go for a sweatshirt with lace details. I look forward to seeing all of these amazing trends on the streets of our favorite city!

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Keep on the lookout for more spring trends and some SS2013 runway recaps!