London Calling

by Lauren

This week one of our very favorite blogs, Refinery 29, officially launched the London section of their site, featuring all the tastes and trends of our friends across the pond. In honor of this, we decided to share our top 5 favorite things about this chic city. 

1. The Fashion 

From Alexander McQueen to Kate Middleton, there is iconic style around every corner. Besides the greats, ( Burberry and Rag& Bone to name a couple  ), inspiration can be found fresh off the streets. This does not just include the lovely ladies, but also those strapping young gentlemen with their tweed vests and their perfect Edward Cullen hair. One of our favorite experiences include shopping in all the overwhelming glory that is the high fashion Harrod's department store. You haven't truly shopped, until you have conquered each and every level of this London landmark.


2. The Nightlife 

Despite the sometimes dreary weather, there is always something fun to be found indoors in the late hours of the night. Whether its  pubs or clubs, those Brits know how to have a good time. While the clubs are fun, the true heart of London can be found over a pint( or two!) and a conversation in the pub down the street. Some of the must-see places are: Camden Town( a great place to meet young locals) , Covent Garden, and  of course Soho. 


3. The Music 

When thinking of some of our very favorite artists, London always comes to mind. From the Beatles, to Coldplay, to the lovely Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine talent abounds in this great city. A must listen is the spunky and "spot on" Lilly Allen. We particularly love Knock 'Em Out and LDN, her very own tribute to London town. 

4. The Royals


With the announcement of the continuance of the royal family, the buzz surrounding Kate and William is contagious. We have found ourselves frantically flipping through People magazines while in line at Whole Foods at any glimpse or mention of the lovely Kate. What is not to love about this princess? Her fashion sense while always current, is ever classy. We give her props for handling the limelight like the sophisticated lady that she is. Good thing there is still one prince left on the market. ( Watch out Harry!)

5. The Sights

Of course when you visit London, you can't forget to crack open that Rick Steves' travel guide and put on that fanny pack( a la SJP in Sex and the City.) First stop should definitely be London Bridge, and the Eye. Buckingham Palace is a sight to see, especially during the changing of the guard. A lesser know pleasure is to follow the guards down the road to the actual horse stables. Though its a treck, Hampden Courts, home to many royals( in particular King Henry VIII) is a must with the luxurious homes that can be seen all along the River Thames. 


We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 favorite facets of London. If you are visiting anytime soon, we are immensely jealous and would love to hear your thoughts on our list, and also any additions you may have. As for us, it's tea time, and you better believe we'll be enjoying some "biscuits" on the side.

Yours Truly,