We <3 Music

by Lauren

Last night, we went to the Afrojack/Shermanology show at Congress Theater on the north side of the city. We have to say, although we had our doubts, Afrojack totally rocked it on a Deadmau5 level. Every large city attracts great artists and Chicago's music scene is definitely one of the best. Trying to find the perfect outfit for these types of events is always a challenge, especially when your goal is to shock. This is the perfect setting to be adventurous with your style and also a little daring. Whether you are going to a music festival like Lollapalooza, or a rave , here are two outfits guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Our final bit of advice: remember to go hard, or as Ke$ha says " make the most of the night, like you're gonna die young."


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