Hello BlogWorld...

by Lauren

Meet Sugar and Spice

We are two college girls trying to substitute the dull suburban life for a life in the fast lane. We believe that inspiration can always come in the form of a great friendship like ours. We are a fun mix of sweet and sassy, or as we like to say sugar and spice, (but not all nice).  These two ingredients produce a delightful treat that is seen in what we wear, what we eat, and in our undying love for spontaneous extravaganzas.

Our love of adventure and exploration often leaves us lost amongst the crowded streets of our metropolis next-door : Chicago. This grand city will be the star of the majority of our posts, as it is where we thrive, instead of simply survive. It is the fabulous street style, hole-in-the wall restaurants, and hip hangout spots of the city we have stumbled upon that we want to share with you.  We are excited to get our first blog rollin' and hope you enjoy our posts.