Seafood on the Chic: Urban Union

by Lauren

Seafood on the Chic: Urban Union

This past weekend we ventured into the city for our faves: fashion, food and fun. After a little research, we decided to try out a hip seafood restaurant in the heart of Little Italy. This was definitely not your corporate seafood locale, but undoubtedly, a spot to remember.

To our delight, the menu was very unique, with exotic options like grilled baby octopus as a starter, and salt cod brandade fritters for an entrée. Everything sounded so delicious that we had no trouble at all finding five satisfying plates for our table to share. Our waiter was very attentive, punctual, and quite friendly.  The first plates to arrive were the lobster bisque, and the house made seafood gnocchi. The bisque was not your typical bowl and consisted of an interesting blend of spices such as ginger and all spice along with tender chunks of lobster. The gnocchi was paired with sweet Maine lobster and was tossed in a luscious creamy herbed sauce. If that hasn’t made your stomach rumble, listen to what we had next: Proper baked clams with herbed garlic sauce, encrusted with house ground croutons and a spritz of lemon, a simple salmon dish, and that night's special: duck confit. We completed our meal with a few desserts that were simple yet excellent. We especially enjoyed the selection of Timber Coulee, a Wisconsin sheep’s milk cheese.

For a chic and delicious meal out on the town, be sure to visit Urban Union.

Location. 1421 W Taylor St. Chicago